Spring Is The Season For Roof Maintenance

Spring is here, and you might be tempted to forget about your roof now that the long dark winter months are over. There’s a lot of bright sun and warm winds now, so you probably just want to go outside and play. However, your roof needs your attention now for two main reasons: the damage it may have experienced during winter and the damage it might be vulnerable to during spring rains. First things first: you want to find out how well your roof held up during winter. Understandably, most homeowners would prefer to perform an initial inspection themselves before having to call in the pros. Here are some signs of winter damage on your roof that you can look out for on your own: It’s Time for Spring Roofing Inspections After a long winter, it’s time to make sure your roofing has withstood the colder weather. With the additional moisture and colder temperatures, your roofing can often become damaged or worn. Following these quick instructions may mean the difference between water damage to your home and a dry attic. When looking for damaged roofing, you can start on the inside of your house. Grab your trusty flashlight and head to your attic. The first things you will be looking for is sagging in the roof deck and any signs of water damage. Mildew, condensation, dark water-staining and water trails are all good indications of a possible deficiency with your roofing. Perhaps a more obvious and startling indication of a failing roof might be outside light showing through a hole in your rooftop. Click here for more… When it comes to preparing your roof for spring rains, this may require a little more expert assistance. It is advisable to have an experienced roofer perform a routine inspection. In fact, it is generally recommended the roof inspections be performed every fall and spring, so this is actually the best time for that inspection you’ve been postponing for years. Here are some of the major areas that professional roofers check during a typical spring inspection: Spring Roof Inspection Checklist Is your roof prepared for spring? Is it secure and watertight? Moisture is a roof’s #1 enemy. It can ruin the insulation, cause mildew, rot decking and even damage the structure. An experienced roofing professional should inspect your roofing system at least twice per year, preferably in the spring and fall. Routine inspections help avoid expensive, time-consuming repairs from damage or water infiltration that can accelerate the aging and deterioration of a roofing system… Below are four of the most common problems to look for when preparing your roof for spring… Read all four problems here… The amount of attention your roof will need will to a great extent be determined by the type of roofing material you have. For instance, metal roofs are gaining a lot of popularity today because of their low maintenance costs. Asphalt, on the other hand, is much more affected by the dramatic weather changes that occur throughout […]

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