Learn About Green Roofs And Why You Should Consider One For Your Home

One of the ways you can make your home stand out is to make your exterior unique, and the roof is just the right place to do that. An environmentally friendly option that comes with an undeniable touch of style is the green roof. The benefits don’t end there; you also get a natural area for wildlife to thrive, a lower carbon footprint and an added layer of insulation to your home. Adam Bonislawski discusses green roofs and why they have become so popular in the world today: Green Roofs Are on the Rise With benefits that include better runoff management and energy efficiency, green roofs are catching on across the globe. In 2015, the French government passed a law mandating that all new commercial buildings must feature green roofs partially covered with either plants or solar panels. The new law has drawn considerable attention since its passage, but France is hardly alone in its promotion of such roofs. Countries and municipalities around the globe have, for years now, been driving the adoption of green roofs via various mixes of legislation, subsidies and other incentives. Read more hre… One of the major benefits of green roofs is that they are environmentally friendly. This is highly significant in a world where nature is consistently under threat. Animals as well as plants face higher levels of extermination simply as a result of human activity. As such, it’s always great news to hear of some form of relief for Mother Nature, such as the following example: Roofing Revolution: How (Gorgeous) Green Roofs Benefit Birds It’s not wasted space if you do something with it. Four green roof projects are helping species around the world. Cities: They’re not the greenest spaces in the world. But now, some major greening projects are placing roofs in the spotlight, and the results are delightful. In France, all new buildings are required to include vegetated roofs or solar panels, and in California, Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinoly recently unveiled plans for what will be the world’s largest green roof and public park, at 30 acres. All of this is good news for city wildlife. Here’s a sampling of four roofs whose formerly concrete premises are now, literally, for the birds. Read about the 4 cities here… If you would like to have a green roof, it’s advisable to talk to a specialist. There are certain important considerations and decisions you need to make, particularly in terms of the kind of planting scheme to go for. You could either go for an extensive roof that would require minimal upkeep and are cheaper to install, or an intensive roof that may require more attention but offers more flexibility in terms of your plant choices. Adrian Higgins offers his advice on green roof plant choices: Green roofs are no easy feat, but the list of viable plants is growing Planting a roof with vegetation is an old practice. Ed Snodgrass, who grows roof plants at his farm near Street, Md., has pointed […]

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