Ventilation – The Overlooked Secret To A Long Roof Life

As a homeowner, you would do anything to ensure that every part of your home is in perfect working condition. If you are very pro-active and you schedule for inspections of the entire home, then you are on the right track of ensuring nothing gets you unaware. Every part of the house should be treated as equally important if the whole house is to be in its best state. It is also true that the exterior of your house is exposed to more harm than the interior. Your roof should therefore be well taken care of to avoid unwanted surprises. There is an aspect of a roof’s condition that contributes a lot to the welfare of your home- roof ventilation. While most people may not be keen on this, the following article explains what damage can happen if you lack proper roof ventilation: Residential Roofing: How Poor Ventilation Ruins a Roof When having new roof installed, most homeowners focus on ensuring they get a quality roof that adequately protects their home from the elements. One thing that’s critical yet rarely considered, however, is the issue of allowing a continual flow of outside air to enter the attic in order to keep the roofing structure well ventilated. Without proper attic ventilation, numerous problems can arise and the lifetime of your roof may be significantly shortened. Why Poor Ventilation Is Ruining Your Roof A properly ventilated roof creates a balance between air intake and air exhaust. Without consistent air movement, problems with temperature and moisture can arise. Because of temperature and moisture extremes, hazards result that may impact not just your roof, but the entire house—along with your finances and even your health. Read more at All Roofing Solutions… So it is evident that it is possible to have a beautiful exterior with great roofing material and yet your roof is slowly getting ruined as the article above explains. Knowing that this is the case, what can you do to avoid the mold, mildew, heat buildup and damage to other parts of your home? The following article by Lukasz Sobczuk describes some of the ways you can ventilate your roof space: Smart Tips for Ventilating Your Roof Space Proper attic ventilation is essential to control moisture/heat buildup in an attic space and as such is an important part of roof maintenance. Using quality ventilation materials and following best installation practices can save you money and prevents water damage throughout the year. While you may know that attic ventilation helps control indoor temperature and saves energy costs, you may not realize that improper ventilation can damage your roof, create ice dams and reduce your roof’s overall lifespan. So, before preparing to replace or repair your roof, have a qualified professional assess your ventilation system. Read more at LGC Roofing… One of the major causes of insufficient ventilation as described in the article above is having inadequate venting, which usually occurs during construction. It is also common to find such problems in homes that […]

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