Roof Leaks And Black Mold – Eliminate These Threats From Your Home

As summer comes to a close, it is a great time to do your regular house maintenance and checkup procedures. This is especially so for those activities that are sensitive and require adequate time and resources. One such activity that is usually neglected is checking for leaks and mold. It is common to assume that roof leaks only come after winter. Winter and spring are times when leaks are likely to occur, but there are so many other causes of leaks. The trouble is also that it could be difficult to identify the source of the leak. First of all, it is necessary to identify the causes of leaks, and the following article helps give a comprehensive understanding of the possible causes of leaks: So let’s look at ten of the most common culprits in causing your roof to leak and what you can – and should – do about them (other than recruit a bucket brigade): Villain: Age Roofing materials, especially asphalt shingles, get old and tired. Expansion and contraction with the change in temperatures cause aging roof protection to turn brittle and eventually crack. Years of harsh rays from direct sunlight can melt the tar that holds composition shingles together. Father Time has not lost a battle yet and when roofing materials run up against their life expectancy, it will be time to budget for a new roof at the first sign of a leak. Read more at Roofing Calc… Seeing that it is not just winter that can bring about roof leaks, it is best to be proactive about checking the areas mentioned in the article for possible leaks. A leak can easily lead to other complications in your home and can cause more damage than you could possibly imagine. Just like the old saying goes – a small leak can sink a great ship. Another big problem that comes from roof leaks or any kind of dampness in your home, is black mold. This is something you really want to avoid especially if your family members have allergies or other health problems. The following article explains what black mold is and the damage that can come from it: Black Mold Can Cause Big Problems Black mold in your basement is a big deal. Nobody wants mold in their home, but black mold is a particularly dangerous variety. Black mold can cause serious health problems. Since mold thrives in moist, dark areas, your dank and dimly-lit basement is a perfect breeding ground. This is especially true if you experience persistent basement wetness, flooding, or other moisture areas. Since humidity is a big factor in mold growth, Maryland basements are particularly susceptible to the stuff. Even run of the mill mold can be harmful, but black mold takes these harmful effects to an unhealthy extreme. Black mold is a microscopic organism. Its spores are invisible to the naked human eye, but once it grows and spreads to a large enough area you will be able to see it. […]

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