Roof Repair Scams And How To Avoid Them

Roof repair scams are on the rise. There are numerous complaints being filed with the Better Business Bureau every year related to repair scams. These complaints can be reduced if homeowners would simple take time to conduct due diligence on the contractors they hire to work on their roofs. One of the roofing scam stories that hit the headlines less than a year ago was in Denver, where a woman was scammed by a roofing contractor just before winter. The community had to step in to help her. The following article tells this story. Community Helps Out Victim Of Roofing Scam Before Snow Falls DENVER (CBS4)– The community is stepping in to help a woman who fell victim to scammers before the snow falls. The roof on Mary Navarro’s house was not expected to make it through the winter. She says she allegedly got scammed by Hybrid Remodeling Concepts who took her $15,000 insurance check for hail damage. Navarro says the contractor never replaced the roof but took the money. Hybrid Remodeling is no longer in business. Read full post on CBS Denver… To avoid being another statistic, homeowners need to be aware of these scams and how to avoid them. Although there are genuine companies, there are just as many, if not more, fly-by-night roofing companies with the sole aim of defrauding unsuspecting homeowners. Most homeowners fall for these scams because they want quick repair services. Knowledge empowers you to make an informed decision on your choice of roofing contractor. This article looks at some of the most common roof repair scams. Roofing Scams: The Door-to-Door Salesman Here’s what to do when a door-to-door salesman trolls around your neighborhood offering roofing repair services. One of the biggest scams in the roofing industry involves the door-to-door salesman who shows up unannounced with the promise of a free roof. “I have seen and heard so many stories from customers and friends of mine who have been approached or scammed by the door-to-door sales guy that I have lost count,” says Kevin McHugh. Read full post on Angie’s List… Once you understand roof repair scams, you need to know how to avoid being the next victim. Some amateur roofers will use subtle ways to reel you in. In most cases, the scam will be hidden in a very lucrative or cheap roof repair offer. There are roofers who will offer huge discounts and substandard services. Homeowners need to be in a position to spot these scams early. This article and video gives you handy tips on how to identify a scam. How to Avoid a Roof Repair Scam Roofers are out in full force following Friday’s blast of hail on the east side of Colorado Springs. Signs, advertising roof repairs, are on several corners. And roofers can already be found on the job ripping shingles. As with any severe weather there comes a reminder about scams. One local owner suggests using a referral system. “You want somebody that you can reference. We […]

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