Three Causes Of Damage To Your Home That You Should Be Aware Of

It is sometimes not possible to take preventive measures when it comes to the natural elements. However, it makes a big difference when you are aware of the risks that come with adverse weather conditions. You will be more likely to take timely steps in minimizing damage and preventing it from escalating. One of the things that you may want to be aware of is wind damage. Winds can cause subtle damage to your home and roof. Damage caused by winds can go unnoticed and can lead to bigger problems eventually. The following post explains more about wind damage and how to identify it: WIND DAMAGE TO ROOFS Wind damage is one of the most common types of damage done to roofs during storms. Knowing how to identify wind damage on your roof and what to do about it can help you avoid potential issues in other parts of your home. DEBRIS ON THE ROOF One of the ways that wind can damage your home is by flinging debris from your yard and the street onto your rooftop. This debris can fill the gutter and cause structural damage to the roof. In many cases, you can take care of this problem yourself by clearing away debris, as long as it’s not too large. When cleaning off your roof, you should: Clean the gutters. Leaves and twigs that fill the gutters can cause clogs that lead to water damage. Read more at Clyde Nettles… As the post describes, the damage that comes about from winds may not be from the wind itself, but from the things that are thrown onto your roof such as debris. Be keen about ensuring that your roof is cleared after you experience strong winds in your area. Another subtle weather condition that can damage your roof right under your nose is hail. When you examine your roof after a hailstorm, it may seem to be okay at face value. However, there could be underlying problems that are hidden under the surface of the roof. The following post describes this in more detail: The points below detail how hail damage can progress: The shingles hit by hail have loosened the bond with the granules to the asphalt layer. While you cannot see this from the ground the loosened granules will often end up where your gutters drain. If you see a large accumulation of granules after hail you should have your roof inspected. Once the granules fall off the damaged areas of the shingles, the asphalt layer will be exposed to weather. The sun’s ultraviolet light will weaken the exposed spots and make them brittle. In the winter, the shingle expands and contracts and can curl and crack after being weakened by hail. The exposed areas are then very susceptible to leaks. The areas that curl up are also more susceptible to wind damage. Read more at Bedrock Contracting… What seem to be harmless aftereffects of hail can turn out to be detrimental to your roof. It […]

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